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09/04/2015 09/04/2015


9pm Accompanied by Irish Dancer

09/05/2015 09/05/2015

Irish Jam Session

Anyone can join in on this traditional irish jam session starts at 9pm

09/11/2015 09/11/2015

Blue Ribbon Band

9pm Rock/Blues/Classic Rock

09/19/2015 09/19/2015

Dean Richard

9pm Classic Rock Cover

10/03/2015 10/03/2015

Irish Jam Session

9pm Anyone can join in on this unplugged traditional Irish Jam! Bring your strings!

10/09/2015 10/09/2015

Sara D.

9pm incredible italian music with some classic rock covers

10/17/2015 10/17/2015


Blues Deep Cuts

10/23/2015 10/23/2015

Dean Richard

classic rock one man band 9pm

10/24/2015 10/24/2015


Irish music accompanied by an irish dancer this is the real deal! starts at 9pm

10/31/2015 10/31/2015

Blue Ribbon Band

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! HALLOWEEN PARTY Costume Contest starts at 10 and the winners will be chosen at 11:30 Dress to impress Blue Ribbon Band starts at 9pm seats fill up quickly so get here early! Classic Rock and Blues with two separate singers. This will be one of their last shows

11/07/2015 11/07/2015

Irish Jam Session

Anyone can join in on this unplugged traditional irish set bring your strings!

There are no events for this date.

There are no upcoming events.

Pub Trivia

Tuesday, December 27, 7:30pm – 10:30pm. Pub Trivia from “Brainstormers” is a solo or team event.